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NEW: Seeking a Position in Management of maintenance personnell
Bryan Davidson -- Monday, 31 August 2015, at 10:05 AM

Bryan Davidson 508-404-9083 bryan.y.davidson@gmail.com OBJECTIVE Seeking a career in management of maintenance personnel utilizing my 20 years of Coast Guard engineering leadership. WORK EXPERIENCE USCG Station Point Judith Narragansett, RI Engineer in Charge - June 15 2003 to June 15 2008 to 80-100 hrs/w •Supervisor of Engineering department for a Coast Guard Search and Rescue Station in charge of all maintenance and repairs for 3.6 Million dollars of Boat assets and 10.3 million dollars of building including a 170 year old light house. Completed several major projects including the complete rehabilitation of a 130 year old station house while maintaining its historic appearance. As the station's lead Law enforcement officer I prosecuted over 45 high profile cases including several BUI and illegal immigrant cases. As the Command duty officer I executed over 350 Search and rescue cases with multi agency support with local and national agencies. Naval Engineering Support Unit Boston Shop supervisor - June 15 2008 to June 15 2012 to 60-70 hrs/weekly •Led a team of 32 Mechanics, Electricians and welders to complete all preventative and casualty maintenance on all Coast Guard boats from New Jersey to the Canadian Border. Completed 15 Engine replacement projects normally completed by Civilian contrators saving the Coast Guard over 4 Million dollars in related costs. Boat forces Cutter operations Yorktown, Va - June 15 2012 to June 15 2014 to 60 - 70 hrs/weekly •Ensure Coast guard wide all Search and rescue station's boats and personnel are trained and operating as directed by Boat forces standards. Trained and accessed every Coast Guard small boat station to ensure all are operating and maintaining their equipment uniformly. My efforts allowed the seamless movement of personnel from unit to unit without retraining as all units now utilized the same training and standardized platforms. Main Propulsion Division Chief, USCGC Escanaba Boston, Ma - June 15 2014 to 50 – 70 hrs/weekly Inport Underway 168 hrs/weekly •Oversee the Operation, maintenance and repair of two 4000 hp Diesel Engines, two 1000 Kw power generators and all associated auxillary machinery onboard a 270 foot vessel. Mentor a team of 19 technicians from basic hand tools to complicated diesel engine monitoring programs allowing them to further their career and move into leadership positions. Efficiently maintain a 650,000 dollar budget ensuring 100% operational readiness and completion of all Preventative mainenance. . EDUCATION & TRAINING USCG Training Leadership and Management Academy Officer in Charge / XPO School Caterpillar 6.25” Bore Catepillar 3400 Series Unit Safety Coordinator MTU 396 Operation and maintenance ALCO 251F Overhaul and maintenance Honda outboard Refrigeration/ AC with EPA Universal Certification Engineering Administration Hydraulic systems and Equipment Environmental Compliance Instructor Development school American Military University Some College Coursework Completed in Enviromental Science August 10 2012 to November 25 2012 •Completed two Courses •Currently have 126 semester credit hours (Ace accredited Military schools combined) William R. Boone High School Orlando, Fl High School. High School Diploma August 01 1990 to June 01 1995 PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS •Member at U.S. Coast Guard Chief Petty Officers Association AWARDS •ANSE Lucas Plaque from American Society of Naval Engineers on August 01 2009 •USCG Achievement Medal (5 times) from U.S. Coast Guard on June 12 2012 STATUS CATEGORY •Service-Connected Disabled Veteran (30%) •Veteran Estimated Full Time Availability Date: May 01, 2016 Available Part beginning Sept 25, 2015 Bryan Davidson 508-404-9083 bryan.y.davidson@gmail.com

-- Monday, 31 August 2015, at 10:05 AM